Mulch Madness 2023

You Need Mulch, Kids Need Camp!

It's a Perfect Fit!

Registration is required for this event

How It Works

Your landscaping budget goes a lot further than just your yard!

  • Competition charges $13 per bag of mulch.
  • Johnson's, Woodard Mercantile, and Site One have generously offered to partner with us giving us the opportunity to sell the mulch to you at a discounted price of $8.50 per bag.
  • We purchase, deliver and apply mulch for you in hopes of receiving a generous donation to scholarship students to camp.
  • You pay Young Life the amount for the Mulch Cost + a donation for camp scholarships.


Competition: 50 bags at $13/bag = $650 to a landscaping company

Young Life Mulch Madness: 50 bags at $8.50/bag = $425.00 to cover YL's cost PLUS a donation to YL for camp scholarship

YOU get mulch. KIDS get camp.

Recommended Donation Amounts (for delivery and labor).

Camp Transportation Cost - $160.00 (approx, 25 bags)
Camp Half Scholarship - $350.00 (approx 50 bags)
Camp Full Scholarship - $700.00 (approx 75 bags)
Camp Scholarship Toward Leader Costs - $1,000 (approx 120 bags)

Please keep in mind the cost of the mulch is what we need to break even financially. The donation is what the kids will split for camp scholarships.

Signing Up Is As Easy As 1, 2, 3!

Step 1: Complete Registration Form below

Step 2: Determine number of bags

Step 3: Pick a ministry and date


Why Cedar Mulch from a high end nursery?

  • After years in the "mulch business", we have discovered that our customers are most satisfied with a high quality mulch. We offer AAA Grade western shredded bark mulch. Both businesses are generous to support Young Life by purchasing in bulk. If you question if this is the right mulch for you, you are welcome to stop by Johnson's or Woodard Mercantile and they would be happy to show you the mulch that we use.

How many bags do I need?

  • One 3 cubic foot bag will cover approximately 18 square feet 2 inches deep.

Do I need to be home?

  • We would prefer you be home, but it is not required!

Can I request which ministry to deliver the mulch to support?

  • Yes! Please request this on your sign up form. We will work very hard to coordinate that for you if you have a preference. However, this is dependent on their availability.

When do I pay?

  • You can pay at the time your mulch is delivered! If for some reason that does not work for you, we will leave you with an invoice and you can mail us your payment!

How do I pay?

  • We prefer payment by check. You may pay at the time of your mulch service OR you can send in your payment for the amount that covers your mulch cost and whatever donation amount you choose to give to 6505 E. Central #318, Wichita, 67206. If you would like to claim your donation on your taxes we request that you pay with a check. If you need to pay by credit card a 3% service charge will be added to the billed amount to cover the credit card fee.

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